Friday, January 29, 2016

This Is Just to Say

-My children have murdered the laptop and will get no more screen time NEVER EVER because we don't have a television.

-School cancellations inspire me to rage.  It.  Is.  The.  Mountains.  It fucking snows every year.  Please can we stop cancelling school for ice.  A small amount of ice in a city with no buses and 7000 inhabitants.  Please.

-Something is Not Right in the southern hemisphere here and my otherwise great family practice docs say 'wait and see' BUT it had already been Not Right for 20 days or I wouldn't have gone to the bloody doctor.  

-Not everyone has to be like me BUT I cannot contain my disbelief every time someone takes their healthy toddler/larger child to the doctor because of something harmless ONCE.  The kid had ONE day of fever or threw up ONE time!!! Panic!!!  Whyyy. 

-Related: Treatment guidelines. Read them.  Because the doctor did. 

-Also, when I am sick I hate everyone. Yes.  I am sick right now.  

-The usual is Not Right in the boob region and in consequence I am cutting Sweetpea's nursing back to four times a day (morning, morning nap, after lunch, bedtime).

-Sweetpea is compensating by nursing foreeeeeeever.

-It continues to take only small amounts of chronic pain to send me into a Despair Spiral.

-I have a Weaning Plan!  (Step One, 'teach baby to take nap without nursing to sleep' has already happened.). And a deadline: June 1.  At the latest.  June is summer and summer means DONE.  

-How do... people put babies to sleep without nursing?  Do I give her, like, milk and a snack before bed?  I don't even know.  

-I continue to realllllly want more like 50% of a job but to reallllllly not want 100% of a job and this continues to be frustrating.


  1. Since you asked... The bedtime feed was the last one Little Bear dropped. And in the run up to dropping it, I (with heart in mouth) spent several weeks talking to him while he nursed to keep him awake, so he didn't nurse to sleep, but was comforted and warm and full and happy. That seemed to stop the "nurse to sleep" thing. His bedtime feed was eventually only five minutes or so, at which point I decided it was something he liked more than needed. He was also 16 months old and eating proper meals. So one day instead of whipping a boob out at bedtime in our room, I went straight to his room with him, with a bedtime book and a cup of milk. And to my amazement this was an entirely acceptable arrangement. That's all I've got.

    1. She eats a ton but still nurses for 1-2 hours at night! Which is partly my fault, this way I don't have to do dishes/cleaning ever. If I can make it a few more months though, she'll be eating more at meals... right? Thanks for the info and reassurance!

  2. Commenting using my cell phone is an exercise in frustration. Happily, I still have a computer that works... It sucks about the laptop. I'm sure the children are properly remorseful, especially since it was their sole screen instrument.

    I hope you're getting over your illness, and all your children get healthy too so they can f'n go to school already!

    Since I know you are excellent at advocating for yourself while at the doctor's, I am sure you will insist that sometimes "wait and see" is not acceptable! Honestly. If my 69 yr-old friend had insisted to her docs that bleeding is super not-ok when you're 10 years post-menopause, they'd have caught her cancer a full year earlier.

    Babies not nursed to sleep... I think we instituted the bedtime routine around weaning time. Traditional bath, pj's, brush teeth, and book. Book time supplanted the cuddling of nursing. I think there was a lot of crying the first few nights, but luckily the boys weren't able to escape the crib yet.

    You know even if you weren't nursing, you wouldn't be doing the dishes. That's Dr. Scientist's job.

    1. We used to split it back when we used to both cook. Of course, he insists he did most of them then too.

      Have acquired some prescription for boob ointments (ICK). I do hope G is okay in the end... so upsetting! (So not normal.)

      Will have to do more bedtime routine for sure. I mean, I know she CAN just go to sleep but there is warm milk, why would she sleep without it?

    2. Anonymous5:01 AM

      That last part is certainly SB's line of thinking. She naps perfectly at daycare, but when mommy is around why can she not have warm milk, NOW?

  3. I mean, Mr. Dr. Scientist. Of course.

    1. Designated DishDoer of the Scientist Household.


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