Monday, September 21, 2015

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  •  A very long summary of how I came to give my baby (some, as it happens, as opposed to all) formula; with FEEELINGS
  • My students' latest train wreck, which makes me wonder if I am the worst teacher ever (probably not, two got 93% even though the mean was a 56)
  • Lots of feelings about my health, or lack thereof, and the hopes that the nice ENT will help the headache I've had for.... 18 months
  • Where Does the Time Go and Why Is My House So Messy, A Multi-part Lament
Also, in response to ongoing comment woes, I have switched all the comments to moderation, which should fix at least the LJ login problem (I tested it) and possibly also WordPress.  Let me know.  I mean, once I fish the comments out of the mod queue.


  1. Anonymous8:04 AM

    I haven't been having trouble commenting with LJ lately, so I think what you did worked. This comment will furnish further proof.

    When it comes to student trainwrecks, sometimes it is you, but sometimes even if it is you, it is also them, and it is them in such high percentage as to drown you out. Take comfort in the ones who are succeeding, and never forget that you are their teacher as well as the teacher of the ones who fail.

    1. Ta da!

      Thanks for the comfort. It was some me and mostly them for sure. I said "check your significant figures" at LEAST twelve times AND YET.

  2. RE: babies and formula, feed your baby. I had a long, emotional, icky process of going to formula (with part time BF, but that's not good enough for purists). In hindsight, I'd do it again in a flash.

    Students -- sometimes ugh. Good luck.

    1. In hindsight it seems much clearer: give baby formula, leave guilt behind, everyone is happier. I have a theory about this upon which I will expound one day.

    2. Yes, much clearer in hindsight. When I have a second kid, if the pumping sucks, I am jumping right over to form. The part-time BF has been wonderful, but the pumping was going to kill me, and the guilt made it worse.

      Wish everyone in our country would do actual thinking and make actual informed choices (not the "well, someone else told me to do this"). Try the best choice, and then go with the good enough choice if the best isn't working for you.

      Or, heck, just do what your kid needs and move on with life.

  3. 1. You were positively heroic in your acceptance of pain and suffering for the sake of breastfeeding and if you gave the baby formula, so what?
    2. Have you ever noticed that when students do well it's because they're brilliant, and when they don't it's because of the teachers? Teaching sucks ;)
    3. Fingers crossed for your ENT.
    4. Yeah, me too, and I only have one small person, one cat and one large husband making a mess around me (obviously I am never responsible for mess)

    1. One of those times when 'stupid, stubborn, and persistent to a fault' could be subbed for heroic à la the late, great Terry Pratchett.

      Later on in the grading someone got a perfect score, leading me to think at least some of the message got through.

      I never make messes either! What a coincidence! Least of all the remains of turning two bushels of pears into sauce.


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