Monday, September 01, 2014

More on Adjuncting, Again in Very Brief

1) Per the excellent advice of my predecessor in the lab-instructor job (she now works with my spouse) I made sure to be very nice and respectful to the department secretary.  In return for me treating her like a human being, she offered to print out all 145 pieces of paper that I a) need for Tuesday and b) cannot print out because I cannot LOG IN to anything yet.

2) The second day of orientation, I got to see the department chair's eyes bug out as he realized I'm pregnant.  (State school + none of their damn business + I'm due after the semester ends and have two 40-week children = I didn't say a word.)  It was like a little cartoon thought bubble of "I can't say anything.  Oh, ye gods, is she pregnant?  I think she's pregnant.  I can't ask.  Fuuuuuuck."  (I did tell all the other faculty members that yes, I am pregnant, but no, I am not due until the end of December, so don't freak out.  My favorite response was, "So... I guess you won't be back next semester."  By which dude meant, now we have to find someone else to teach all those labs, fuuuuuuuck.)


  1. Anonymous8:05 PM

    My experience of adjuncting is that the department secretaries (whom I treat as humans, also, because hello) are the only ones who notice I am pregnant.

    1. Hah! And indeed. I make a general policy of treating the staff like humans. They are the people who Get Stuff Done. Also, the custodians are the only ones with keys that unlock everything...

    2. Plus basic human dignity and respect, but I figured that went without saying.


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