Monday, February 11, 2013

An Auspicious Start (To Another Spouseless Week)


11:00 - drop kids off at a friend's house, go have a nice lunch with Dr. S.
12:30 - get kids.  Everyone is, briefly, happy.
2:25 - return from errands.  Spouse expresses opinion that he cannot shower and shave in merely 35 minutes.
3:00 - cab to airport is supposed to arrive.
3:05 - cab company calls to say they are going to be 45 minutes late, i.e. Dr. S's plane will be in another state by the time he gets to airport.
3:06 - call three more cab companies.  They say it will be an hour until they can get Dr. S to the airport, at which point his plane will only almost be in another state.
3:10 - call neighbor to come over and sit with the sleeping children.
3:15 - neighbor arrives; Tatoe wakes up and screams.
4:15 - return from airport; Tatoe has not napped.
4:40 - wake up Bug from nap.  Screaming and tantrums ensue, because where is Daddy???
5:30 - dinner for everyone but me.
6:00 - I try to eat.  Children scream their heads off and fight.  Bug goes to timeout.
6:15 - I try to eat again.  Bug goes to timeout again.
6:16 - I wash the dishes while Tatoe cries "Bug!  Bug?  BUUUUUGGGG!"
6:17 - I go type while Tatoe cries "Maaaaah!  Maaaaah!"  (Milk me, woman.)
6:18 - I wonder if it is not, perhaps, bedtime right now.  


  1. I hope that today is going more smoothly. Or at least Tatoe naps.

    I'll never understand why toddlers refuse naps. If someone told me that right now I must lay down in my bed and close my eyes for, oh, about 2 hours. I would be all 'Yes siree, can do.' Not WAAAAAHHHHHH! TODAY IS THE WORST DAY EVER!

    1. Yes, almost anything would be better.

      I sometimes lay down on the couch and close my eyes even when it's NOT naptime!

  2. You are making me doubt motherhood is worth it at all with this post. Perhaps I need to reconsider...

  3. Anonymous8:32 PM

    OMG CABS ARE BAD. What a nightmare. I just want you to have a really big drink.


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