Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cure What Ails You

(From Jan. 2)

As my three weeks of hellacious, uninterrupted small whiny children are coming to an end, we have - of course! - caught another cold.  I think my headache-o-meter is miscalibrated from the six months of migraines (plus another six months when I was pregnant!).  I only realized that I had one after I screamed at Bug at the top of my lungs.  Mother of the year right here.  Tylenol gives me rebound headaches, NSAIDs give me ulcers, and I'm right out of opiates.  So here's my family's traditional remedy for when everyone's ill.  I gave Bug a little glass and Tatoe a few teaspoons and then they took a nap while I drank the rest, and now I no longer want to hide in a closet and weep!

Ginger Toddy

1) Make ginger syrup.  (If you are my family, you have this around anyways.  Perhaps one can buy it as well.)  Peel and thinly slice a ginger root or three.  Cover generously with water - a couple cups per medium-sized root- and add a couple cups of sugar.  Simmer uncovered for a couple of hours. Strain the syrup off and put in your refrigerator; save the ginger, which is now mostly candied, and put it in cookies or something.  Or, if you're me, eat it.  Delicious with chocolate.

2) Boil a cup of water.  Add a shot of bourbon (or brandy), a few tablespoons of ginger syrup, and lemon juice to taste.  (I like a couple of tablespoons.)

3) Drink.  Feel all better. 


  1. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Can't wait to try it!

  2. Anonymous6:33 AM

    We are all miserably sick as well. Busting this out tonight. You ARE an amazing mother, you know.

  3. I'll need to try this as well. I made muffins yesterday, and was constantly saying to C1, "Shhh! You don't need to shout, I can hear you." Patrick walked by and said, "He's not shouting, honey." Well, then I need to go find some headache medicine.
    I found a statistic once that said 85% of parents shout at their children. I'm certain the other 15% were lying.

  4. I don't claim it actually makes you better, but it makes you FEEL better. It's hot, it's liquid, and it's alcoholic. Also my theory on medicines for children is, some of them have (God forbid!) died from OTC cold medicine, but not a single almost-four-year-old has ever died from drinking a teaspoon of bourbon. So.

    Also... I think I need one now too, except I used all the ginger syrup. Well, what else is naptime for?

  5. I needed this yesterday. I'm going to make this on the weekend. (My in-laws will be in town-- I may have to make a double batch.)

    1. I had some last night. I hope it makes the in-laws more bearable!

  6. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Ugh. Just got an email from my husband today- subject: "Not going to believe this" My daughter has ANOTHER fever. This is 3 in a month. The first was just a fever in time for the 11 hour road trip to the inlaws for Christmas. The second was the flu, in time for her birthday and a missed week of school. Now who knows what this third one is.

    She's passed the first 2 onto her little brother who is not recovered fully from the flu and has developed an ear infection. I hope and pray he does not get this 3rd one on top of said ear infection.

    This means no sleep for almost 2 weeks. I cannot deal.

    1. You have all my sympathies. It's the PLAGUE, that's what. Tatoe didn't sleep for ONE night and I pretty much lost it so... um... gosh, is it spring yet?


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