Thursday, December 06, 2012

In Which I Am Assailed By Guilt

I just got our annual batch of photo books in the mail.  (This is what we give our parents.  It's cute, it takes more time than money, and it is something they couldn't get themselves.)  I also got a box from my grandma with Hanukkah presents in it.

I am suddenly assailed by guilt.  I maybe should have gotten a photo book for my grandma too. 

We're not terribly close- she's lived in California since I was tiny, and we don't see them much, and my mom's family is pretty nuts.  But still.  She writes, she sends my kids fun stuff and books all the time, we send toddler art and thank-you cards and links to our online photos.  I should have been just a little more thoughtful.  She's the only living great-grandparent my children have, and she deserves a little better from me.


  1. Pssst. It's not too late. You could totally order another book (I'm sure the 50% off coupons will come up soon), and have them mail it directly to her. And unless she reads your blog, she'll never know! Better late than never, right?

    My children know their three great grandparents that live in WI, but have only met the crazy one from TX once. Since she never calls, sends cards or presents, or does anything else grandmotherly, I figure they're not missing much and I don't worry about it.

    1. I'm not sure she'll get it by Hanukkah, but whatever. :) Also the site just ATE my first attempt, BAH.

  2. If its late, blame it on the post. A least you are thinking about it now and making amends

  3. Ouch. Now you're making me feel guilty. We're in the same situation - one living great-grandparent left AND my annual yearbook for our son made but NOT one for grandma. I usually send her a few photos every few months, but maybe I should send something a bit more special. Love the idea of sending art :)


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