Wednesday, October 31, 2012

FMB: Highly Assorted

1) The Headache.  Blaaaaah.  I am a cranky, cranky person. I have small children.  I am snapping at them.  This is not good. 

2) In case it was not apparent, no, I cannot go from 6-8 nursing sessions a day (at least 3 are good solid meals) down to zero in less than several weeks, during which I must take antibiotics anyways, so.... I should have started a month ago?  But I didn't.  WOE IS ME.

3) Alcohol and narcotics and NSAIDs (though not all together) do help.  Maybe not a good long-term plan...

4) Tincture of echinacea!  That'll work!!

5) Just kidding.

6) Bug was a firefighter for Halloween.  Pagan anti-Jewish holiday blah blah blah.  Costumes, ghost stories, pumpkin muffins and candy; it's his favorite time of the whole year.  Our herd of grandparent-neighbors gave him a totally unreasonable amount of candy.  One of them made him his very own Halloween Goody Bag with a little snow globe and a little fire truck.

7) Tatoe is talking.  It's adorable.  He loves to say HAAAIIII! and wave.  And he walks now.  Though I lack a Control Baby, some of me wonders if being in daycare delayed Bug's speech and walking a little. (Bug is completely fine now and very verbal and if he was minorly delayed I don't care, nor am I implying that non-parental childcare is bad.  I'm just mildly scientifically curious.)

8) I had something else to say but it's been eight minutes and I forgot already.  Good night! 

(I feel that I should add, I stick to NSAIDs during daylight hours - I have to drive, after all- and do not mix the alcohol and the narcotics.  And I'm mostly joking about the alcohol.) 


  1. Re: control baby, one thing I find between ours is that they focus on different things (one is more physical, the other mor verbal/understanding words). But they also seem to try to do things the other is doing.
    No clue where parent+nanny care has any impact, though I know they learned to clap and point to their noses from the nanny.

  2. I also have a control baby! Except, Child #2 isn't, because of presence of Child #1. And more experienced parenting, aka, less neurotic fussing. Anyway. Both my boys were late talkers, and have made up for it in the ensuing years. They'd say a couple words at 1 year old, but C1 didn't chatter until 18mo, and C2 was closer to 2. Then he whispered everything for 6 months. Geez, that was cute.

    I am convinced a great deal of it is genetic, parents or daycare can swing the timetables a little, with effort. (Not really worth it.)

    Btw, pumpkin muffins link is hilarious! Tatoe is adorable with the words and the walking! C1 declared that Halloween was the best holiday ever, and it's easy to see from his perspective. On the other hand, both children were naughty and crazy at bath time from a mere three pieces of tiny candies, and I'm never giving them sugar again. Until tomorrow. Goodnight.

    1. AND it's a good recipe! I used it for Tatoe's cake too. :)

      I know- Bug was crazy from three too. NEVER EVER except I sent an M&M packet to school instead of his cookie...


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