Friday, September 14, 2012

FMB: Items, Plus, Pique

1) Bug! School!  He's not sure if he likes it but... 6 kids, two full-time professionals, and a fairly minimal play-based educational curriculum?  Plus no little brother to distract anyone's attention?  Cry me a river, kiddo.

2) One of the other moms (who I otherwise like!) is worried that her sensitive boy is not going to be okay at preschool and maybe they should stop.  It's been six days so far, and he skipped one.  Cry me another river.  They're three.  They'll get used to it. Also, it's not up to them. 

3) There are in fact many times when I am not full of pique, but I usually don't feel moved to blog about them.  Like,  I dried some tomatoes!  And I made pesto.  And I'm cutting up apples for my shul's Rosh Hashana thingy.  And Bug is taking some to school to share with the tots. And Tatoe is learning to walk.  And I sewed something.  BORING.

4)  The preschool moms went out to lunch today. The other four moms talked about how they just couldn't  send their little darlings to the public schools in Cold City (such as the one they are all currently involved in, you know), because they knew their little snowflakes would be bored and wouldn't get a good education and then there's, well, (whisper) some of those children.  [Who are poor and brown-skinned and maybe speak Spanish.]  And then my head exploded.  I confined myself to pointing out that I grew up in a very well-off, Congressional-Blue-Ribbon school peopled by the children of doctors and lawyers, and my mother still had to move several planets so we could all get a non-boring education, which incidentally involved a lot of sitting in the corner by myself doing math.  "Yes, yes," they said, and moved on to talking about private schools and online schools.  What I heard from this is "My little darling is too precious to be around those POOR BROWN CHILDREN and cannot possibly get a good education with them and their needs interfering."  And... and... no, I'm just too angry and disappointed to even talk about it. 

5) Except it's almost comical compared to the everyday level of snobbery at Snooty U.  The university here is, after all, a state school.  (How could anyone possibly get a good education at a state school?

6) One of these people is someone I mostly liked.  Until now.  Now I think we should confine all conversation to the weather. 


  1. 1) I'm sure Bug will get used to it, and start to ask why he can't go on the weekends as well.
    2) I wonder if the mom isn't having some separation issues?
    3) Yay, pesto! And, what do you make with dried tomatoes? I still have some left from last year. Needless to say, I'm not making any this year...
    4) Yikes. Double yikes. I'd be more worried about the early gang violence in a certain middle school, but I believe the elementary schools in Cold City are excellent. The city's high schools are also quite good. It is sad when people judge the quality of a school by the colors of the faces in a classroom. Let them know, nearby Charter School that Child #1 attends is very colorful, and I do not believe my son will be bored. (Child #1 brought homework today that said, "Let's make a graph! Count the colored pencils and color in that number of bars.". He just started kindergarten! I love graphs.
    5) Hmm, no experience here. Attended two state schools, and have no student loans. Ha!
    6) The weather has been lovely, lately! Don't you just love autumn? (insert cheerful voice and wide eyes.)

  2. 1) Yes.
    2) Also probably yes. She mentioned getting a cell-phone specifically 'in case something happens at school.' Three. Hours. Spouse with car! Spouse with car and cellphone! (I have no cellphone, and my spouse has neither car nor cellphone. Again, limited sympathy.)
    3) Cut them up really fine and put them in pasta salad/ frittatas/ etc.
    4) Also yes on the gang violence. Graph! Wee child graphs!
    5) Exactly. These people, I'm telling you, are doing amateur hour for the snobbery department. You haven't seen snobbery until you've been to the Upper East Side, that's all I'm saying.
    6) It has been! And it rained and everything!


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