Sunday, August 12, 2012

But Apparently, I'm Still Annoyed

Last week, someone I know from shul, and her son, were planning to come over for a tasty Sunday lunch, with optional toddler bugabout. I emailed them Sunday morning to say Tatoe had a runny nose - in case they were the paranoid types who are deathly afraid of colds.  (I know some of those.  When this person was pregnant with Child 2 they didn't go anywhere with other kids all winter. Winter is 6 months long here.  She's insane.)  And, lo and behold.  "Just to be safe" they cancelled. 

I was kind of miffed.  I mean... really? These people are all basically healthy.  Her kid goes to daycare, so don't tell me he's never had a cold.  In fact, he's given MY child at least three. 

Today I emailed her to say Tatoe still has a runny nose.  (He will have a runny nose or a cough from now until May.  I can practically guarantee it.)  Part of me hopes they cancel again and leave us the fuck alone.

I guess I'm still offended. 


  1. And I can't even figure out why I'm so annoyed! Perhaps it's "You are crazy and I find it tiresome".

  2. Craziness is tiresome. Luckily this family has made themselves very easy to get rid of. I can understand wanting friends from worship services, but I've been trying to only spend time with people I like. Life is too short to hang out with super-rich mom who only reads romance novels and doesn't discipline son, even if my kids like theirs. I also never called back whiny older mom who complains about ex-husband and whose only hobby is running, though her lovely little girl is going to kindergarten with Child #1.
    I'm also giving up feeling guilty (about pretty much everything), but also for not liking certain people. I don't need to like everyone, and not everyone needs to like me.

  3. HA! Maybe you were annoyed because you were looking forward to it and had put time into it and were just being polite and wondered whether she cancelled because she didn't really want to do it in the first place? Those would be all the reasons I'd be annoyed.


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