Wednesday, July 25, 2012

FMB: My Head Might Explode

I once had to do a protocol with 94 separate fiddly steps, and I kept forgetting essential things.  Like taking a lunch.  Or a hat.  Or my keys.  Or once, memorably, shoes- in February.  I was halfway down the block before I realized the house flip-flops were not going to do the job.  I had to make a list and post it by the door, like a five-year-old:  "Lunch, bag, keys, hat, coat, gloves, shoes, lock door." 

This particular week, I have so many things to do (and yet, fewer than 94) that my head is about to explode, or maybe implode, from the stress.  How did I ever work in a lab?  How did I ever manage complex bicycle repair tasks at a huge company?

And then I remember that there was less screaming, and also I was not interrupted every five minutes.  Ability to focus: severely degraded by the CONSTANT SMALL CHILDREN.

(Which are still better than no small children.  But, dear heavens, when one needs to get stuff done.... ha.  Ha.  Ha.)


  1. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Of course, there's always the fun and joy of a work-place where it's your COLLEAGUES who are screaming and interrupting every five minutes... Behaviour only acceptable in the under-fives and extremely-cutes.

    I am constantly forgetting lunch, and wondering why, at 2pm, I am so hungry I could eat my keyboard. I think the canteen is so drear it self-erases from the space-time continuum.

    1. Oh, dear, your colleagues need... well, something that's probably rude to mention in public. In any event. Lunch! Should be remembered more often!

  2. Ah, I remember when I was forgetful and absorbed because of complex intellectual things! Them days is gone. Today I had to try to THINK about something. It was a definite no go.

  3. Indeed. It's really the interruptions that get to me, by the time I remember what I was working on, they need something else! I'm really looking forward to Child #1 heading to kindergarten soon... Child #2 is less demanding. Lmk if you need someone to entertain children for a while!


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