Wednesday, July 25, 2012

FMB: My Head Might Explode

I once had to do a protocol with 94 separate fiddly steps, and I kept forgetting essential things.  Like taking a lunch.  Or a hat.  Or my keys.  Or once, memorably, shoes- in February.  I was halfway down the block before I realized the house flip-flops were not going to do the job.  I had to make a list and post it by the door, like a five-year-old:  "Lunch, bag, keys, hat, coat, gloves, shoes, lock door." 

This particular week, I have so many things to do (and yet, fewer than 94) that my head is about to explode, or maybe implode, from the stress.  How did I ever work in a lab?  How did I ever manage complex bicycle repair tasks at a huge company?

And then I remember that there was less screaming, and also I was not interrupted every five minutes.  Ability to focus: severely degraded by the CONSTANT SMALL CHILDREN.

(Which are still better than no small children.  But, dear heavens, when one needs to get stuff done.... ha.  Ha.  Ha.)


  1. Of course, there's always the fun and joy of a work-place where it's your COLLEAGUES who are screaming and interrupting every five minutes... Behaviour only acceptable in the under-fives and extremely-cutes.

    I am constantly forgetting lunch, and wondering why, at 2pm, I am so hungry I could eat my keyboard. I think the canteen is so drear it self-erases from the space-time continuum.

    1. Oh, dear, your colleagues need... well, something that's probably rude to mention in public. In any event. Lunch! Should be remembered more often!

  2. Ah, I remember when I was forgetful and absorbed because of complex intellectual things! Them days is gone. Today I had to try to THINK about something. It was a definite no go.

  3. Indeed. It's really the interruptions that get to me, by the time I remember what I was working on, they need something else! I'm really looking forward to Child #1 heading to kindergarten soon... Child #2 is less demanding. Lmk if you need someone to entertain children for a while!


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