Friday, May 04, 2012

FMB: Vertigo

As I've mentioned, I belong to a moms' group here.  It is, like the city, fairly white and fairly white-collar: teachers, married to doctors and engineers and programmers.  And sometimes, it is so strange to work with them.

I've just re-designed our group's website, and made business cards.  I have a strong vision of What Should Happen- especially functionally, and to some extent aesthetically- and the skills to make it so.   In consequence, I feel like I've run everyone else over with a steamroller despite my best efforts.

It's unnerving.  When I was working, I was always surrounded by people with very strong opinions. On this particular task, I have no better than average skills. I know there are ways to make this website better.  I would be happy for other people to tell me.  No, not consensus!  FEEDBACK!

(I found a couple people to give actual feedback.  And fix my code, which is mysteriously doing almost what I want.)

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  1. Your moms group has a website? And business cards?! I really need to make my own mom-cards. It would make exchanges of information much more convenient.

    I haven't had to work on a project with other moms, my trouble is I can't figure out what they DO. You know, like aside from taking care of the kids. Neighbor Mom is quite pleasant and her child is very kind to mine, but she doesn't garden, cook interesting things, work outside the home, or read much. I think she likes interior design, but you do that once and it's done. (Ok, some people change stuff all the time, but she hasn't.) She's not crafty, no knitting/sewing projects. *sigh* I just don't understand.

    I have two active little boys, and they take a lot of energy and time. But, I need other things to do and think and learn about or I'd go crazy. I garden, cook, do home improvement projects, and analyze our finances. (Go Vanguard mutual funds!) Are other people really that boring, or have I just not figured them out yet?


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