Saturday, July 16, 2011

Birth Memories, 5

The midwives fish the placenta out of the birth tub and show it to me.  It looks like a cooked jellyfish mated with a large steak.  "Do you want it?" they ask.

"NO!!" I say, and completely involuntarily, I put out my hand to push away the idea.  I am grateful that it functioned well for nine months; now we are both done with it.  Please, go set it on fire somewhere else. 


  1. no desire to keep mine either, but i found it a little silly that i wouldn't have been able to simply because it is a biohazard. i mean, you know what's REALLY a biohazard? the BABY. and they let me taking him home. any luck, he'll be vectoring around for years and years and years.

  2. I had to ask to see them! I was amazed they were so large.


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