Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Very Random

Now with completely incidental re-coloring so I could fix my HTML code!  Anyhow.

1) Pregnancy.  Ouch.  Whomp whomp.  Ouch.

2) Thomas the Fricking Tank Engine gave my toddler a nightmare.  Apparently there was a "scary owl! In a tree! Scary!  No watch Thomas!"

3) Starting to panic about the Endless List Of Summer Home Improvements.  Included: fix 2000 small things, polyurethane everything we haven't polyurethaned yet, and do something complicated so the roof won't drip in the winter.  PANIC!!!!


  1. Thomas is some scary shit, man. Maybe all the roof needs is some polyurethane?

  2. If only. According to Dr. S, it needs insulation wrapped around three of the metal roof braces. According to me, it needs six roof vents. His way's probably easier, but the only test is... does it still drip?


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