Monday, June 13, 2011

Minor Irritations

Every time someone makes a comment to imply that I don't look Jewish, there's a tiny part of me that screams.

Of course, I'm blonde and middle-height and have an Anglo-Saxon last name, and no, I don't look Jewish. And our congregation has both an Indian-American gentleman (and blonde wife, and two children) and an African-American family, and a lovely redheaded lady who, I'm pretty sure, is transgendered and converted*, and I'm sure they get even more annoyed. Still.

Your irritation of the week? Don't be shy, now.

*Converts, rather poetically, take the Hebrew name of "son/daughter of Abraham and Sarah".


  1. niobe9:59 AM

    Now that you mention it...

    It irritates me that my kids have to be called son/daughter of Abraham and Sarah because they're converts. I mean, aren't they my son and daughter?

  2. That strikes me as a pretty racist thing to say. I mean, we all know that Jewish people look like this:
    but...seems like even if it's another Jewish person saying it, it's hard to get around it being super not okay.

    This week my minor irritant is my husband, which doesn't have much universal appeal. Sorry.

  3. Niobe: I say, they should be bar/bat Niobe anyways!

    Bunny: maybe he'll see the error of his ways soon.

  4. today, i'm back to "why won't people take medicine for simple problems that bother them enough that they complain about them, yet for some reason think it's better to take tincture of grass clippings than an aspirin or a tums???" medicine: it often works (especially for really simple things).

    also: i wish i HAD kicked that anesthesiologist in the 'nads. just goes to show that my social self really wasn't there.


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