Sunday, April 17, 2011


Happy Pesach, all! May your next week be full of joy and matzah, in about that order.

Let me share with you my non-professional summary of one of my very favorite Talmud passages (the other is the one about how many sins can one person commit at once? A Kohen is eating a tithed fruit on Yom Kippur while wearing shatnez and....)

The rabbis of old engaged in a lengthy debate about rodents and wheaty goodness in one's house on Pesach. For instance, if a rodent leaves crumbs, must you search the house again? What if a white mouse comes in and a black mouse leaves? What if there is also a weasel, which eats mice? What if....

And the answer, in the end, is, "Come on, people. Don't be CRAZY."

(Were we to suspect [that chametz would be taken] from house to house, we would also have to suspect [that chametz might be taken] from city to city. There is no end to the matter. -- There is always the possibility that chametz will be taken from one house to another. Hence, the Sages decided to ignore this possibility entirely.)


  1. Yet there is still this completely crazy kitniyot ban on Ashkenazim--corn is not ok but cocoa, coffee and vanilla are? WHY????????

  2. Hey. It's my family's custom to eat kitniyot! Because cardamom and WHEAT are not related.


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