Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Oh, for goodness sake, I should have gone to the dentist before I got pregnant. Because a batch of more cautious, paranoid people, I could not imagine. My mouth is up here and the tot is all the way down there. Do the frigging X-ray already! And no, I am not concerned about Novocaine, except that, perhaps, you might not use enough.

Heaven forbid they might do anything requiring opiates.


  1. http://academicobgyn.com/2011/03/03/an-open-letter-to-the-dentists-of-the-world/

    I had the same problem. Seriously doesn't make any sense.

  2. Did they yell at you for the plaque on your teeth? They yelled at me because apparently it releases a chemical similar to the ones released to start labor or something...

  3. Cara: Oh, my. Also, EXACTLY. (They did take another x-ray, and fill both my cavity, but they won't do a fucking crown until after the baby shows up, unless I chip the damn thing and need a root canal... shoot me now.)

    Rebecca: mercifully not, I might have punched someone.

  4. Also, I'd like to hand out a disclaimer to every medical professional *I* see: "I have a PhD in biochemistry. My hobby is reading about drugs and pregnancy. I used to edit a medical journal, and I used to work in the medical field. Don't fucking patronize me. I probably know more about it than you do."

  5. Are you trying to tell me I could have had my molars pulled while pregnant and medically insured? Argh.

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  6. I've noticed that all medical professionals seem to be a lot more paranoid these days than they were when I was pregnant with my first child, 25 yrs ago. Back then, it was all pretty much good! LOL


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