Thursday, December 30, 2010

In-Laws, Relationships, Encore

Thank you all for your kind commentary. I and the in-laws do, in fact, have a lovely detente, or perhaps entente, in which we do, in fact, mostly talk about His Royal Munchkinousness.

Dr. S and I agree in practice about what we should do, but I think that in principle they should behave like the adults they are, and he thinks that we won't, and therefore we should make accomodations because he would like to see them, you know, sometimes. I think that long jumps and short piers.... well, you get the idea.

Dr. S is the one who gets almost all of their critical annoyingness; occasionally my MIL will say something and I usually say "That's nice." As Darcy says, the more irritating they are, the less we listen anyways. Alas, it makes it no less irritating.

C is another problem. We've known each other for fifteen years. I suppose in many ways our relationship has cooled over the years. I don't want to lose out on the friendship, but I'm struggling to learn what its new direction will be. If we could just get together and bake cookies once a week it would be much, much easier.

Enough depressingness!

Coming soon(ish): Why MDs Are Idiots (Like Everyone Else On Earth), Or, Drugs in Pregnancy, Again, Yes It IS My Favorite Soapbox.

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