Monday, July 12, 2010

Transitions, Part 5: In Which I Become An Ambivalent Housewife

There I was, with a fancy job in Big Industry. The first few months, in which I learned to build a bicycle starting with ore and a furnace, were a little tough, but eventually, I got better at it.

I was older than a lot of the employees, and a lot more professional: I never got upset in public, I never said anything rude to the clients, and I always tried to find a diplomatic way to let others save face. I also knew the most important people-managing skill: To get people to do what you want, make it the easiest thing to do.

I was really good at my job. Within eight months of finishing my training, I was in charge of a team. I was working on a big new bicycle design. Important people called me and asked me what to do. I was calm and efficient and effective and well-paid.

At the same time, it was hard. To work in such an intense place all day, then come home and try to have something left for my husband after baby dinner and baby bath and baby nursing and baby lunch packing and dishes and laundry and cleaning.* The baby got sick all the time, at daycare. He got so sick he went to the hospital for three days.

I thought my spouse and I were going to kill each other.** I thought it couldn't go on. There was a part of me that just wanted to... give up and take an easier path for a while.

Next: Hard In A Different Way.

*My spousal unit does the dishes and the cleaning, mainly. So it went both ways, in the no-energy department.
**Although, between the house renovations and the in-laws visiting, we may kill one another anyways.

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