Thursday, June 24, 2010

Miscellaneous, Or, The Baby's Asleep

  • Days of baby screaminess.
  • Followed by sleepy cuteness all day today.
  • Too much chocolate.
  • Jittery.
  • Waaaaaay too much chocolate.
  • Feeling slightly oppressed by my (self-imposed) grocery budget.
  • So much house-painting, so little time.
  • So many EARWIGS, so little pesticide.
  • My in-laws continue to suffer from a disconnect between desires and choices. For instance: if you deeply desire to see your grandson, do not choose to do six other entirely optional things during the time when you would, instead, be visiting.
  • Sometimes they drive me CRAAAAAAZY.


  1. amelie5:10 PM

    I just happened upon your blog and I laughed until I cried. Because, yep, I thought that grad school in biochem was all that too! Until the day I told my PI I was pregnant and he invited me into his office, closed the door and screamed at me for 30 minutes. After working 80 hours a week for 5+ years-never enough!) Luckily preg. complications took me out of the lab. When my wee one developed "the" bronciolitis and ended up in the PICU on a vent and we were told that no daycare for 2 years (the very week I was supposed to return to said lab) I made sure to lose the 3 rounds of rock/paper/sissors which meant I got to stay home with the wee one. That meant a terminal masters, bah, but 13 years later I am back teaching high school bio (only had to pass a test, and get paid well for a teacher), and it turns out that really I love science. It wasn't all beat out of me by the academic lab experience. Who knew?

  2. Amelie- "never enough" - don't you have that one right!!! Glad your love of science wasn't roasted by your (horrible AWFUL) PI. Even at Horrible Snooty U where I was, they were starting to have some rights for parents (such that your situation might have been prevented) but the individual PI situation is always tricky (too much autonomy, too little accountability).

  3. amelie10:23 PM

    I made the mistake of going to grad school after 2 years in industry - a very cooperative, fast moving place,where we piggy backed our work and had someone working almost around the clock - who would be happy to change your buffers or develop your gel, or check and split your cultures (and you returned the favor). I can't tell you the number of times I had to return to the academic lab in the middle of the night to develp a Western blot, or change a buffer - and found someone else there who could have done it in 2 minutes saving me an hour round trip. But it NEVER happened. No cooperation - everyone wanted to have the best work - so wanted to make sure you failed. The differences in the envir. was shocking to idealistic me!


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