Sunday, January 17, 2010

Walking A Thin Line

Ladies and gentlemen! To your left, we have "AAAAH It's Cold Here" (a.k.a "No, really, it's 5 degrees out"); straight ahead, there's "I Don't Know Anyone And Suck At Making Friends"; and to your right, the ever-popular "Working Is Fairly Interesting (Plus, Other Adults!)" Watch their epic battle! Which one will triumph this winter? Will spring bring seismic shifts? Will the spousal unit despair entirely of academia? Will our Bold Protagonist ever live closer than 500 miles from her mother? Will the Mighty Munchkin ever, ever consume less boob?* Will any co-workers be set on fire? Will our heroine be able to hold out through N more months of never, ever going anywhere alone? Stay tuned!

*He's kind of maxed out. Only instead of reducing boob consumption, he just keeps eating more and more table food. Oy.