Saturday, December 12, 2009

Maybe I'll Become A Housewife After All

I have, overall, a pretty good job. But.

This week was bad in so many different ways. It ended with two really cheering incidents:

1) I realized that I had been given an impossible, arbitrary, illogical, and useless deadline of next Friday, which I may well not make unless I fix bicycles until midnight every night (HAH!!).

2) In response to piteous pleas, I tried to volunteer for a translating project (on our bicycle-assembly manuals) only to be told by my boss that it would be fine, but would be 30 hours on top of the rest of my work. Thus proving that SOMEONE had forgotten the first rule of motivating people, being, 'What do I get out of this?' And they wonder why they can't find anyone.

And the Pumpkin is just sick all the time. It's a strain on all of us. We're all exhausted and hacking and the laundry is dirty and the dishes are all over the counter and I need to mail the in-laws' Christmas present yesterday and I haven't called anyone but my mom in three weeks.

I'm concerned that this situation is entirely unsustainable long-term. I am becoming a terribly negligent spouse, because all I really want by the end of the day is one hour where nobody, anywhere, wants anything from me.

Watch this space for a notice that I have suddenly stuffed all my work things in the Xerox box, returned my key card, and walked out the door.