Sunday, October 25, 2009

I Hate People

It's a good thing that the police dispatchers are so nice. Because I call them all the time.

This apartment is still better than the last one: I no longer go pound on the neighbors' door with a shoe every night. However, between the loud drunk Latino neighbors (salsa music at 1 AM: not my favorite) and the loud drunk white trash neighbors (loud poundy music at 2 AM: not my favorite) and that woman with her damn CAT, I want to set them all on fire.

Ironically, we have enough cash in various banks and investments to buy a small house IN CASH. Fucking postdocs. One day we will live somewhere for more than two years and will not have people living below us and NOBODY WILL WAKE ME AT MIDNIGHT WITH THEIR DRUNKEN INANE WHITE TRASH CONVERSATIONS.