Friday, July 10, 2009

In Which All Parties Are Filled With Annoyance

My dear spouse is considering leaving the world of research science (which is an entire post all its own which I have no time to write although I very much want to). In consequence, he is a little disoriented and grumpy. This on top of the disoriented and grumpy that comes with never really sleeping enough. Plus, parenthood has made me able to fall asleep with a baby nursing and a jackhammer outside, and has made him unable to sleep through a cat meowing, being the reverse of our previous states. Anyhow, he's not sure what do do or how, and is feeling somewhat despairing about academic teaching jobs and disgruntled with the NIH and so on.

To add to the joy, my MIL and BIL were just here again, and there was an unfortunate combination of their inability to SHUT UP AND LEAVE THE BABY ALONE so he could go to sleep, and my dear spouse's inability to tell them to. Baby and spouse were both cranky.

I got home today and discovered that the spouse had put the baby in the carseat WRONG ALL WRONG, but really, with the clip in the wrong place and the straps way too loose and then I got really, really mad.

And his boss- who knows he's working part-time!- keeps scheduling meetings for, say, Friday at 4 pm. And then he keeps going. And then I'm annoyed at him and he's annoyed at his boss and at me and she's probably annoyed about something too. My opinion is, as always, that PEOPLE IN HELL WANT ICE WATER.