Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One-Handed Makes It Harder

Thesis! I had one of those.

Snooty U requires two readers in one's department and an outside reader.

My two departmental readers checked off the 'pass' box and signed the damn form.

My advisor wanted a former-postdoc-now-faculty from our lab to be the outside reader. I didn't, because:

1) it's supposed to be someone unconnected to the thesis, not someone who trained me
2) Dr. Former tried to steal my project and now is getting scooped and I didn't think would be especially happy about it.

Dr. Former wrote three pages trashing my thesis- okay, some of it's fair, but part is malicious, and a quarter is wrong (inaccurate citation of someone else's results, and no, that's not what it meant, either!) but... at least checked the 'pass' box too.

I have until Monday to make the changes and resubmit the whole damn thing. The baby is nursing continuously and wailing in between, and I no longer have access to the S.U. library, so cannot read articles. The fun never stops.