Sunday, December 07, 2008


My mother: 'All babies kick about the same amount within a fairly narrow window. The mother's tolerance, on the other hand...'
Me: 'Four more months?!?!'

I went to my first big hockey game: over 10,000 attendees. College hockey. Why yes, we do live near a big state school! It's an experience. Particularly the 3000-student section dancing in unison. And the guy with the school-mascot-holding-hockey stick hat. Despite playing a team from Even Colder U, Sausage U won by an embarrassingly large margin.

We have purchased... snowshoes! Seeing as it snows practically every day here (no, really), and I needed exercise. Also, ow. I didn't even know I had a muscle there.

Mysteries of the universe: why do stores never carry a) decent maternity clothes or b) shoes in an 8.5 wide???

Thinking about the Work I Must Do To Graduate makes me really, really depressed. Snooty U, I hate you and I never want to go back. Sigh.