Wednesday, December 03, 2008

In Which I Am (Like Every Parent Ever) Conflicted

Let me state, to begin, that I know when I'm doing well. I'm grateful. I have a wonderful spouse who is a good partner for me, a job in one of the few industries to remain healthy in this economy, an easy and uneventful pregnancy, a decent one-worker income, and no debt. And health insurance.

However. What I really wanted was a part-time job.

Like most working mothers (pdf) I'd love to be home with my baby- some of the time. I want to use my intelligence and education, and preferably be paid for it, since in a capitalist economy money is synonymous with valuation and, to some extent, with respect. But I also want to be there for my children. And, while I know some people who are perfectly happy staying home with their nonverbal children, I think I, personally, would climb the walls.

So... I'll work there for a few months, have a baby, take a few months off, work three months part-time while Dr. S watches the baby, and then decide if I want to work full-time or not. Frankly, though, I'm angry that I even have to choose. Part-time. Pay me half, I work half, no benefits to pay out. Why is this so hard for companies to understand???