Thursday, December 11, 2008

Friday Photos (a little early): The Boring Life of a Housewife

[Dear readers: please tell me what I want for Christmas. From my sweet husband. Sparkly things? A new teapot? Help.]

We went to my parents' house for Thanksgiving. I bring back photographic evidence of how spoiled the dog is:
Spoiled rotten, but very, very happy.

Upon returning to Cold Utopia, we resolved that, because my ever-expanding waistline, here at 24w:
makes it increasingly difficult to put on my beautiful, waterproof, insulated Red Wings,

I have replaced them:
with this gorgeous pair of boots.

Likewise, pursuant to the fact that it will continue to look like this:
out my window until May or further notice, whichever comes first,

I have felted and recycled a sweater into this stylish yet warm hat:

and invested in yet another kind of foot gear.
My shoes may not be as sparkly as Dr. Isis's Naughty Monkeys, but Naughty Monkeys don't come in wide sizes.

On a totally unrelated note, as I am shortly to be employed, I have been furiously sewing baby gear:
such as this very frou-frou changing pad. (Vinyl laminates if you iron it on a very hot setting!).

On an equally unrelated note, these horrible nasty buggy things:
are infesting my citrus tree and I must kill them all dead. What on earth ARE THEY??? (Updated: They are citrus mealybugs. DIE DIE DIE.)