Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I've now had two in-person interviews at Tech Company. I'm waiting to hear from them, and trying to figure out if a) I want a job and b) if I want this job. Possibly the magnitude of their offer will influence both parts.

I did not mention pregnancy to them; state law here explicitly prohibits discrimination on the basis of pregnancy, so it's none of their damn business anyhow. However, I foresee difficulties on account of I'm due in, you know, four months and all. I would very much like to know if they would consider a part-time arrangement, but I suspect the answer is somewhere between 'no' and 'maybe.'

Worst question:
HR Person: 'Name five things you're not. Aside from male or an elephant.'
Me: 'Uhhhhhh... [Why do they always ask such stupid questions???]... frivolous... uh.....'

Best question:
Actual Scienc-y Person: 'Do you think you have a thick skin?'
Me [mouth one step ahead of brain]: 'I think after six years at Snooty U, I couldn't have anything ELSE.