Sunday, October 12, 2008

Someone Else's Sadness

I've just heard, through Dr. S's former boss, that a colleague of theirs delivered her twin boys very prematurely. One baby was stillborn, and the other is in the NICU. They have two other little boys, both under 10.

They aren't particularly close friends of ours, more professional acquaintances, but I am so sad for them and want to do something to either make their lives a tiny bit easier, or remember their baby. I should add that they're ten years older than us and quite well off, and also at the best hospital in the area, and that their families live in Europe.

If I still lived anywhere near them, I would make frozen dinners and arrange to drop them off quietly. (Casseroles are the correct answer to all bereavement.) Sadly, I don't think I can manage lasagne from a distance of 1000 miles. There's a company called Schwan's that will deliver some frozen for me, though. Is this a good idea? I have no idea how it will taste. If I do this, I'll get in touch with Dr. S's former boss's wife (a friend of the family) and check with her first, and have the meals delivered in a week or two.

I was, alternatively, thinking of (in a month or two, and likewise through former boss's wife) finding out the baby's name and making a donation in his memory. Thoughts?