Monday, October 06, 2008


Now with photos.

Working on a post about jobs and work. No brain. Must go register to vote today, too. Walk and be tired all day, or be a lazy slob? Choices, choices.

(Belle: the last photo is a surprise. For you. DON'T LOOK AT IT! NO CLICKING!!!)

1) The Mustard Museum


Mustard pots.

Yet more mustard pots. Oh, there was so much more!

2) The Hippie Festival, Highlights

Part of the Stilt Brigade

My two favorites, captured in one photo! Front: Some dude in awesome drag. Back: The Raging Grannies. Sadly, you cannot see the one in the wheelchair holding a sign that says 'Peace Now.'

An entire truck of people with drums. Note that they are, sensibly, wearing earplugs. They were LOUD.

3) My Chubbular Tummy

I swear I used to have a waist. (15 weeks.)

Note my highly stylish trousers, the only thing I will now wear.

4) Garage Sales Are Fun

Ignore my ugly carpet. Look! Eeeny weeny adorable baby clothes! In gender-neutral colors! Though I dreamed that I was having a baby girl, who knows.

Slightly less eeeny-weeny baby clothes. I seem to have a thing for overalls. The tarp? That's for under the high chair. (Just kidding! It's for our bikes.)

Baby bag and baby carrier. It was cheap; my mom's giving me my old baby carrier for larger kiddos. Total expenditure so far on baby objects: $25.

Belle, don't look at the next one!
Sewing project: birthday present for Belle. Grocery and produce and bulk-foods bags; note the little windows! Inspired by this. I was all like, I can make that. Constructed entirely from fabric scraps, plus a half-price bit of plastic from the craft store which will make, at a guess, 256 bag windows. Most of the bags also stand up.

Now all I need is another sewing project....