Thursday, September 18, 2008

Things That Irritate Me

1) Sarah Palin's hair.

2) My neighbors, who smoke copiously.

3) Currently: garlic.

4) People who assume that, because I'm knocked up, my spouse suddenly has a proprietary interest in my health/ eating/ body/ medication schedule. Let me elaborate, because it really, really irritates me.

Dr. S, in the normal course of things, would prefer that I stay happy and healthy. To this end, he gently encourages me to do quite sensible things, like get off the couch and take a walk and not have cookies for breakfast and eat a vegetable more than once a month. But he realizes that, in the end, it is my choice if I want to do something stupid and/or self-destructive. (Which I try not to.) He gets an advisory capacity; I get veto power.

So imagine my shock when my mother, of all people, asked me, 'So what does Dr. S think about you working with radiation?'

'I didn't ask him,' I said. 'I assume he thinks I'll take reasonable care and not drink the bloody radiation anyways. Because it's never good to get it on you ever.' Mom relented, but later someone else asked me what he thinks of midwives (again: I didn't ask; I told him: lower rate of unnecessary intervention, ten minutes to the hospital).

What I don't understand is the assumption that suddenly my spouse has the right to tell me what to do. It is our child. But it is MY body. If I wanted to end the pregnancy (which I don't) he would be rightfully upset, but in the end it would be MY choice.