Tuesday, September 09, 2008

In Which I Have the Attention Span of a Fly

  • I should have said, write the rest of my thesis, consisting of one (1) manuscript and five (5) pages of BS conclusions. And yet.
  • Focus! Focus! Ooooh, shiny. Should we go to the DMV now? No! FOCUS!!!
  • Unearthing data is painful. When one has not seen it in three weeks, it is more painful. When it is in a proprietary format for which one does not have the software...
  • I plan to wander around Dr. S's new work building until I find said software. I look like a scientist, right? Right?
  • The downstairs neighbors! They may have drunken conversations at 2 AM, but they do not encrypt their wireless signal! O, joy.
  • Somebody, please tell me my stomach/ stomach muscles/ innards/ digestive bits will stop hurting one of these days. Or at least will hurt less? Anyone?
  • Have bought first pair of maternity pants. Who the hell designs these? Even a stretchy waistband makes me want to rip it off and scream IT'S TOUCHING ME IT'S TOUCHING ME GET IT OOOOFFFFFFFF. New career idea: Design wearable maternity clothing. Revolutionary, I know.