Thursday, September 25, 2008

In Which I Get What I Want (And Don't Like It)

We have now been in Sausage & Cheese (isn't that a great image?) for all of 16 days. I declared to many parties that I required entire months to recuperate from my PhD.

I just applied for five jobs.

One through a headhunter, two at Nearby Biotech Giant, and two at Cornfield Software Company. None of them actually wanted a PhD biochemist but this isn't a huge city; the options are somewhat limited unless I want to work in the Department of Corrections or at the local Target. (My college roomate has opined that, within a week, I would mouth off to someone and get fired. Not at all; it would take at least two weeks.) I could certainly do any of the jobs for which I applied, with no more training than any other applicant. In fact, if I learned nothing else by being a researcher, it was how to do new things fast and well, with very little guidance and without being told more than once.

Dr. S thinks I'll get interviews because, if for no other reason, I'm nearby. They don't even have to buy me lunch!

Have a) upped chicken and schmeat consumption (FEED ME MEAT) and b) later, tried taking my vitamins. This resulted in a) less fatigue, followed by b) all-day nausea. Screw vitamins. I'm back to my diet of strawberries, bread, and protein. Healthy, no?