Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Gender Stereotyped, Or, But the Baby Is So Cute!

BELLE and I, out walking, meet my COMMITTEE MEMBER (male) pushing a stroller full of BABY, his SPOUSE (female), and a GRAD STUDENT (male) from my lab.

Belle and me: Cute! baby!!!!

GS and CM: [Something about doing a postdoc.]

Me to Spouse: What's the baby's name?

Spouse: L.

Me: Look at those cheeks!!

GS and CM: [Something about grant writing.]

Belle: How old is he?

Spouse: Four months today.

Me: [Playing with chubby little hands.]

GS and CM: [Something about research.]

Belle: He's adorable.

Me: He's adorable.

Spouse: Thank you.


P.S. Many thanks to Aurelia and Julia. Clearly, my vitamins are eeeeevile. I feel rather better without them (but with folic acid, of course!).