Monday, July 14, 2008

Bullets of Great Fatigue and Distraction

  • Last week, I met the lovely and talented Janus Professor. Fun!
  • Last weekend, Dr. Famous came to my house ate my salad. I did not fall over from anxiety.
  • The whole house now smells like smoked meat. (We had a barbecue. Someone brought shrimp. Bless their heart.)
  • I have been making fun and exciting radioactive bricks. Boring and harrowing at the same time!
  • Among other things, we have nowhere to live in Cold Utopia.
  • Dr. S has many talents, but finding apartments I don't hate... not among them.
  • Surely anywhere with 30,000 apartments will have one I don't hate.
  • Great personal and professional frustration afflict me.
  • Seriously, can I shoot the next person who asks me when I'm defending? Please?