Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Where's Waldo?

Waldo is very busy, that's what. Did I mention that we have to leave our apartment by September? That's right. If I don't finish by August we will be HOMELESS. And all our stuff will be homeless. This promises to be a joy.

So, in addition to working like a coal miner to finish my @#!!!*&* experiments, I get to contemplate our various unpalatable options... if I don't make it. Store all our stuff? Try to find a 1- or 2-month rental, HA HA HA? Stay with Mildly Insane Postdoc in one-room studio? Try to rent friends' condo except if it sells we're homeless again?

And then, y'know, it doesn't get any easier. So then we move. Except we can't rent anywhere yet because when am I finishing? Or we could leave our stuff with the Scientist-In-Laws, run up to Cold But Beautiful City, and buy a house. Fewer moves, but crazier. And so on.

This is what I think about: mortgages, and science.