Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dining in the Library, or: Is Untidiness a Sin?

Jeni and Matt! Had a baby! An adorable baby! Go see!


(1) Most of our books. Because you never know when you might need to look up the melting point of benzophenone.

(2) Strangely, the most useful wedding gift we received.

(3) Set of five oak school chairs, rescued by my father from the dump and refinished with a hand-rubbed oil finish.

(4) Five copies of the spouse's thesis, that he keeps swearing he'll take to get bound. Any day now.

(5) A legacy of growing up in the ant-infested South.

(6) Antique oak table, rescued by my father from the dump, etc. Given with the chairs because I complained about not having any furniture. Also because Mom was tired of the chair forest living in the front hall. Still pushed together with other table, from last Friday. (So we're lazy.)

(7) Computer, handily positioned for post-dinner working. O laptop! How I love thee! Especially since lightning got our other computer and all.

I shall be attempting to repent me of my sins for the remainder of the week. Somehow, the thousand-person service usually fails to inspire me to religious fervor. Happy Rosh Hashanah to all as celebrate it. May your rabbi's sermon be brief, and may the appeals for money intrude minimally on your worship.