Thursday, February 08, 2007

...send liquor and red pens...

...drowning under manuscripts; out of vodka; help....

This week's lessons:
  • Sewing late at night, in complete exhaustion, is not a good idea.
  • However, the angle is such that breaking needles will NOT hit me in the eye.
  • Someday my experiments will work again and I will have to stop sewing so much.
  • Ten minutes is the correct amount of time to visit an in-pain, post-surgery, doped-up friend in the hospital.
  • A large fruity drink does not aid one's comprehension of papers entitled "Proteins That Are Kind of Like Other Proteins Don't Do What Other Proteins Do", case reports on "Hey, They Didn't Die As Fast As We Thought They Would" or reviews of "Sometimes Anticancer Antibodies Give You Nasty Immune Reactions".
  • On the other hand? Way less boring.