Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Photo Library: A Week In Bad Ideas

Leaving that egg on the table.
Bad Idea

[Not pictured: Microwaving margarine 3 minutes on HIGH.]

Opening that crunchy dried tube of Ponceau Red over my bench.
Ponceau Red

[Not pictured: Getting Coomassie Blue all over my fingers.]

Thinking that experiment would work.
(This is never what it's supposed to look like.)

Buying this beer as consolation:
And discovering it tastes of cotton candy dissolved in Heineken.

Wearing these shoes:
Flat shoes

In this.
Also, Snooty Town's spectacular plowing.

Not clearing off one's car.

Parking one's car in Snooty Town.
Dead car
(And you thought I was kidding about the gangs! This car did, indeed, end up in Even More Hellacious City.)

Bad idea and good idea together:

Offering to make challah for the friend who just had major surgery.
But baking it late at night.

Bad idea:
Asking Mr. S to take it out of the oven. Before the ends charred.

Only really good idea:

Declaring Thursday a SNOW DAY and watching Buffy all morning.

[Not pictured: Lemon custard, tea, omelette, dressing gown, blanket, warm comfy laziness.]