Thursday, January 18, 2007

Nanna Reincarnates as a Sarcastic 16-year-old

My youngest sister, Prudence*, is in high school. She's also the French Maid in the school play and an EMT, and I couldn't be more proud of her. (Except for that morning last summer when she totaled the car and took out 40 feet of oak fence, a mailbox, and a flagpole. She was miraculously unscathed.) She inherited Nanna's personality: ornery.

P:Last night we got a call for a wreck on the interstate.
-Was it bad?
-It was a couch.
-Dropped off a truck and someone mistook it for a person. They both have arms and legs, y'know.
-Dispatch cancelled us when they realized it wasn't a MEDICAL call.


Extra! The Paterfamilias:

-I'm going to Peoria tomorrow for a meeting.
-Really Peoria, or the boonies, like 'that won't play in Peoria'?
-Peoria. Really Peoria.
-What kind of meeting is in Peoria?
-A boring one.

*Not her real name, of course, but she is. Prudent. Unlike the other one.