Friday, June 23, 2017


I am about to haul all three children off to visit N. and her critters.  Hopefully we will all survive the actual travel and my nostalgia for The Land of Cheese and Sausage will not overwhelm me on my return!  The spouse is looking forward to two very peaceful weeks (except for his undergrad research students, who are basically toddlers with knives as far as lab is concerned).

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Someone I know here had some major surgery a few weeks ago.  Her family is far away; her spouse had to go on a trip that couldn't be moved.  So I brought them dinner yesterday.

They just got new license plates:

  I have regrets.

Monday, June 05, 2017

Very Brief Update

I have nothing interesting to tell you about so here:

Health: still iffy but somewhat less so following some minor surgery and lots more drugs
Job: doesn't exist in the summer, but my last paycheck deposited last week.  I like money.
Children: all home for two weeks until camp starts and they are going to SO MUCH CAMP
Plant habit: still going strong (a bay-leaf shrub, a particular rugosa rose, a penstemon and... something... are the latest acquisitions). I've also started propagating stuff from cuttings, so there's a wee nursery going by the side of the house.  It's quite satisfying.  Some of them, I've forgotten what they are, so it's also an exciting mystery...
Spouse: is in exceedingly poor humor lately despite getting a paper published and being awarded not one but two grants, which come with a virtual guarantee of tenure.  I don't even know.
Travel: I am taking the children to the Land Of Cheese And Sausage in three weeks, to visit mostly N. and maybe see a few other mom-friends (the ones I do actually like, though not enough to go 900 miles only to see them). 
Children: did I mention they're ALL home?  Three kids is still a lot of kids.